Managing household finance is sometimes challenging. You need to make all of the necessities are fulfilled without any waste of money. It has to be as efficient as possible. And to save your expenses, you have to know things you should buy in bulk.

1. Rice

As a staple food, you will need rice every day. Buying it bit by bit will costs you more price and make you bother to buy it again and again.  So it is better to buy rice in bulk. Not only because of the easiness but also it usually gets a rebate.

Store the rice in a dry and clean container. Make sure that the container is waterproof and can be closed tightly. Don’t let your effort to save cost be useless because of wrong storing.

2. Instant Noodle

This food can be an alternative at the end of the month when the finance is running low. You can buy it for monthly shopping.

Just buy the instant noodle one box at once. Make sure that the expired date is still long to end. If you consume it infrequently, the stock will last to two to three months.

3. Salt and Others Powdered Seasoning

Powdered seasoning, so is salt, usually more lasting than the fresh one. So there is no harm to buy them in bulk and it in a long time. But of course, you have to notice the expired date.

One tip more, buy only seasoning you need. If you love to cook various cuisine, you may buy unusual seasonings like saffron. But if you only cook for daily, it is better to buy the main seasonings only like pepper and broth powder.

4. Detergent and Dishwashing Soap

You must have dirty clothes and dirty dishes every day. Washing is also a must, then you will need detergent and dishwashing soap stock. Those things take a long time to be expired. So, no loss to buy detergent and dishwashing soap in bulk.

There are some kinds of size of the pack. The big size wrapped one is a good choice. But if you worry not overconsumed you can choose the small bunched package.  It is usually packaged in a big bag.

5. Sanitary Napkins

This thing is really important for women. Never skip it on your monthly shopping list. It is recommended to buy it in bulk because it is hard to be stale. Besides, sanitary napkins are always needed every month.

6. Gift-Wrapping Paper and Stuffs

For you in the mid-20s, stocking these kinds of stuff can be a way to save money. You will get many wedding invitations in this age. Of course, you always want to give a special gift for your friends on their wedding day, right?

You can buy a gift in a store and ask the worker to wrap it for you. But it will cost some prices and can be latent expenses.

So, it is better to wrap your gift by yourself. And don’t forget to buy the paper in the package, because it will be cheaper than buying it sheet by sheet.

That’s it! Now you can save your monthly household expenses by knowing things you should buy in bulk. Be careful about shopping, be fine on saving.