As a parent, it is important for you to teach your kids how to manage allowance. You must teach this to your kids about it so that your kids are always wise in spending the allowance. One way you can do that is by installing the best kids allowance app.

This application makes it easy for you to introduce your kids about how to manage allowance properly. Your kids also learn to control the income and expenditure of the allowance. Here is the best kids allowance app you can install on your smartphone:

1.     PiggyBot

The first application is PiggyBot, an application that allows kids to see how many allowances they have. They will have a fun digital saving experience through this application. The first thing kids must do is create an account and manage a virtual account with a PIN.

They can track their allowance that they get from parents. In addition, this application allows them to take pictures of things they want. So, they have the motivation to save their allowance more.

2.     Bankaroo

If you want to open a bank account for your kids, you can start teaching them through this application. Through this application, kids can track money and check balances. The function of this application is like a virtual bank. Therefore, kids can enter the allowance that your kids get.

Your kids can also determine how much money they want to save. This application also allows your kids to report to you how much money they have spent. As an appreciation, you as a parent can send gifts directly through this interesting application.

3.     FamZoo

Another application to help manage kids’ allowance is FamZoo. Through this application, you as a parent can easily track your kid’s allowance. You can also send allowance for your kids through this application.

The best feature of this application is that everyone in the family can connect in this application. Therefore, family members can easily move money. Through this application, your kids can also learn a lot of financial management skills.

4.     Savings Spree

This application is designed like a game that is suitable for kids 7 years and over. If you have kids who have a desire for entrepreneurship or want to buy expensive items, try installing this application. This application will make your kids learn how to manage finances.

Your kids will learn how to create an emergency fund. In addition, through this application, your kids will learn a lot about money. Your kids can also understand that they can save little by little to get a lot of money.

5.     Allowance & Chores Bot

You can teach your kids about allowance in a fun way. Moreover, you can install the best kids allowance app to teach your kids about it. This application is very fun because this application can track the tasks that your kids must complete.

You as a parent can set up the assignment for your kids. If your kids do the assignment you have requested, you can give your kids a gift. Through this application, your kids can also understand how the concept of savings works. They can monitor how much money they have.

Now you know that teaching kids about allowance is so fun through apps. Especially if you install the best kids allowance app. Of the five applications above, which application do you want to install the most?