Women’s existence is always giving the colors of politics. A woman precisely has multiple strengths than she seems. And no wonder if there are always inspirational women. Here are 5 inspirational political woman from around the world. 

1. Angela Merkel

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel is one of The World’ 100 Most Powerful Woman according to Forbes. Merkel is considered capable of utilizing her strength. She against many challenges in the European Union. On 2015, she decided to open the state border and let the refugees from Syria to enter Germany.Angela Merkel also concerns about gender equality. Before being a chancellor, she had been a Minister of Women and Youth in 1991.

2. Indira Gandhi

19 January 1966, Indira Gandhi had been the third Prime Minister of India. She was an authoritarian leader. Nevertheless, she also brought India to be a more developed country. One of her actions is to campaign for the Green Revolution.This action aims to increase agricultural production in India. The Green Revolution then showed good results. She was using high-yielding varieties of wheat and synthetic fertilizers. There is also improvement of irrigation systems. They were increasing wheat production.

3. Margaret Thatcher

She is the first woman Prime Minister of Britain. During her leadership, The Iron Lady is being her nickname. This name started from her anti-communism speech in 1976. A Uni Soviet military journalist, Captain Yuri Gavrilov then gave her that name.Margaret was clever since she was a child. At the college level, she studied chemical at Oxford University. She became a food scientist before entering politics.She was failed in parliamentary elections twice. But then she could become a Prime Minister three times. It made her became the longest Prime Minister of Britain. She leads for more than eleven years.

4. Benazir Bhutto

Pakistan has Benazir Bhutto as a woman Prime Minister. She is the first woman who leads a Moslem country after the colonialism era. Benazir graduated as a Master in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Oxford University.She was under house arrest when came back to Pakistan. But she was back to Great Britain in 1984. Then she is the leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party. She was fired twice from the party for the same reason that is corruption. But later her name was cleared.Benazir was a fighter of democracy and the welfare of the people in Pakistan. The main issues that being her priority are hunger and health.

5. Jacinda Ardern

Time Magazine put Jacinda Ardern on the list of Time 100 Most Influential People 2019. She is the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand. Her policy is more directed towards the art and cultural heritage of New Zealand.Furthermore, people also rate her as a high empathy leader. Recently she made a phenomenal action. It is related to her attitude toward responding to the shooting tragedy in March 2019. She cursed that incident and stated it as terrorism. The world praised her for handling the incident quickly and very well. Those are 5 inspirational political woman from around the world. Their actions in politics are always accompanied by any up and down. But there is one thing to remember. It is that a woman can’t be associated as a weak creature. Those women have proved it.