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Recyclable Premium Grade Raw Material Pp Strapping

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  • Strength of extension: ≥80kg
  • Material:PP
  • Color:Customerize
  • Product Manual:We are the leading organization actively occupied in providing an extensive series of PP Straps. This product is presented in numerous of specifications.Our PP Strap are high quality Polypropylene Pla

Detailed Product Description

Packaging: carton Transportation: Ocean,Land
Productivity: 3800 tons/year Place of Origin: China
Certificate SGS/ISO/ ROHS Supply Ability: 316 tons/month

Recyclable premium grade raw material pp strapping in wholesale

Product Details

1. Polypropylene (PP) is the main raw material. Material: polypropylene filament drawing grade resin

Strong force, flexural fatigue resistance, low density, good tensile impact performance, easy to use and other advantages, has been in all fields

It has a wide range of functions.

2. It is applicable to all kinds of packing belt machines in various industries (semi-automatic, automatic and manual packing machines)

3. Strong adhesion, large tension, light quality, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and high grade

4. Bright color, yellow, white, black and other colors, your choice

5. According to customer requirements and samples, special packaging belts such as printing characters and ICONS can be produced.

The advantages of PP strap

  • Non - cracking, high strength, good toughness, strong tension, one - step packaging in place

  • High quality PP material is selected to ensure clear embossing through high precision embossing wheel

  • No cracking, high strength, high toughness packaging step in place

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