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China supplier bottle flakes make packing belts plant pet straps production line pet belt machine

  • Category:PET strap machine
  • Views:151
  • Plastic Process:PET
  • Screw Design:single screw
  • Dimension(L*W*H):38m*4m*4m
  • Voltage:380v
  • Product Manual:This production line is used to product the PET packing band,PET packing strap;adopt the plc control the whole line do the automatic production,it use the melting pump and pressure sensor ensure the p

Quick Details

China supplier bottle flakes make packing belts plant pet straps production line pet belt machine

Product Description

I. Basic Parameters

1. Raw material: PET bottle flakes (viscosity≥0.75)

2. Parameters of straps:

2.1. Width: 9 - 25mm

2.2. Thickness: 0.6-1.3mm

2.3. Breaking strength:< 50kg/mm²

2.4. Elongation rate:10-15%

2.5. Width tolerance:±0.45mm (int. ±0.76mm)

2.6. Thickness tolerance:±0.05mm (int. ±0.06mm)

3. Extrusion parameter:

3.1.1 Four straps: Width 9-12mm, T<1mm

3.1.2 Two straps: Width 9-12mm, T<1mm

3.1.3 One strap: Width16-19mm, T >1mm

3.3. Extrusion output: Max 450kg/h

3.4. Production line speed: ≤120m/min ×2(1)

II. Scope of Supply

No. Description Qty.
1 PET200 Efficient dehumidification drying preliminary crystal system 1 set
2 Three constituents mixing and feeding system 1 set
3 Single screw extruder 1 set
4 Double-column exhausting hydraulic screen changer 1 set
5 High temperature melt pump 1 set
6 PET extrusion dies 1 set
7 Water cooling tank 1 set
8 The first 5-roller preheating unit 1 set
9 Convection oven 1 set
10 The first stretching machine 1 set
11 The second stretching machine 1 set

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