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1mm Thick Waterproof Heat Resistant Adhesive Double Sided EVA Foam Tape

  • Category:Foam Tape
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  • Material:PE,EVA
  • Adhesive type: Hot Melt, Pressure Sensitive
  • Design Printing:NO printing
  • Color:White/yellow/red/blue/black
  • Product Manual:Opalus Adhesive offers great deals for 8mm thick structure eva double sided foam tape glazing blue liner for car. We're professional 8mm thick structure eva double sided foam tape glazing blue liner f

Detailed Product Description

Product Name: EVA Material: PE Foam + Acrylic Adhesive
Thickness: 1-100mic, Customized Length: 5-100m,Customized
Width: 1.2-4.5 Cm,Customized Packing: 24/36/48/72rolls Per Carton
Sample: FREELY

Light Weight EVA Foam Tape Double Side Acrylic Adhesive Tape

Product Description:

We supply different qualities of foam tape from general purpose to professional automobile industry.

Double sided foam tape is using foam (EVA, PE, PVC, PU, and EPDM) as backing material and coated with different kinds of adhesives. Thicknesses are from 0.4mmto12mm.

Liner: White / yellow / brown /green trunk paper

Green / blue / red film

Adhesive: Hot melt / solvent acrylic

Foam color: White / grey / black

PE foam density (kg/m3): 32 / 48 / 64 / 96 / 192 / 240

Double sided foam tape Applications:

* For holding hooks, racks and photo frame

* For die cut, cushioning, shockproof and sealing

* For pipeline wrapping for air conditions, auto trim attachment, door sealing strips, etc

Double sided foam tape Specifications:

Part No.BackingAdhesiveDensityTotal thicknessDPF1510PE foamSolvent acrylic64 kg/m31mmDPF1010PE foamSolvent acrylic96 kg/m31mmDPF1515PE foamSolvent acrylic64 kg/m31.5mmDPF1520PE foamSolvent acrylic64 kg/m32mmDEF10EVA foamSolvent acrylic38degree1mmDEF10MEVA foamHot melt38degree1mmDEF10HEVA foamAdhesive for hook38degree1mm

Product Parameter:




Tensile Strength




180°peel adhesion

(to stainless steel)

PE foam 2-3 12-22 3 10N/25MM Acceptable

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