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The data presented to us is current domestic market for the bopp jumbo roll is really not as good as one year

The data presented to us is:

1) At the end of 2011, the price of the bopp jumbo roll market lags behind. In the past three years, the domestic bopp jumbo roll market price has not rebounded again;

2) In 2012 and 2013, the price curve of the tape mother roll market still showed signs of a weak peak season. In 2014, the bopp jumbo roll market was deeply mired in a “downtrend”!

Based on the above situation, we have to say that the current domestic market for the bopp jumbo roll is really not as good as one year. Then, in the face of such a dilemma, the domestic tape mother roll industry still has a competitive advantage, and look at the following analysis.

Figure 3 is a rough analysis of the current competition model of the domestic bopp jumbo roll market with the help of five forces in the Porter Five Force model. The star rating is the threat of the five forces attached to the small force. The higher the star rating, the greater the threat to the market and the corresponding competitive advantage for the market.

Bargaining power for users:
Through the previous industry problems, we are not difficult to conclude: At present, the domestic bopp jumbo roll market is already in a situation of imbalance between supply and demand and serious overcapacity. Therefore, the bargaining power of enterprises to users is correspondingly weakened, so that the competition threat to the market is relatively large, and there is no competitive advantage.

Alternative threats:
The main purpose of the bopp jumbo roll is to seal the box. The substrate film BOPP is widely favored by the tape market because of its convenient coating and light weight, which cannot be achieved by other films. And the tape products are thrown out, and other bags and boxes used for sealing are difficult to achieve the safety and sanitary characteristics of the tape sealing. Therefore, there is no substitute threat in the tape market, and the competitive advantage is relatively objective.

Sneak entrant threat: 
As mentioned in the threat of alternatives, the film advantage of BOPP tape mother rolls is that other films (eg BOPET, CPP, BOPA and other plastic film products) cannot compete. The short-term plastics market still lacks the possibility of developing new types of films, so the sneak entrants have less threat to the tape mother roll market and the competitive advantage is acceptable.

Bargaining power on raw materials:
In terms of raw materials, look at the group data.

BOPP: In 2013, the BOPP production capacity was 4.62 million tons, the output was 3.5 million tons, and the industry operating rate was 75.75%. BOPP belongs to the industry with high investment and high operating rate. The operating rate in previous years is maintained at 90%, and the current status shows that BOPP has entered the period of oversupply. According to the data of Zhuo Chuang's follow-up survey, 10% of the companies have stopped production. Zhuo Ying, an analyst at Zhuo Chuang, expects the overall industry operating rate in 2014 to reach a low of 65%. Through the above analysis, the conclusion that the domestic BOPP industry has a serious excess capacity is self-evident.

Butyl acrylate: In 2013, the production capacity of butyl acrylate was 1.35 million tons, the output was 970,000 tons, and the operating rate of the industry was 71.85%. The operating rate of the chemical industry is generally 80-85%, and the domestic butyl butyrate industry is in a dangerous period. And the production plan that is even worse is overwhelming. According to statistics from Zhuochuang, as of now, the domestic butyl acrylate market has 480,000 tons of new capacity, while in the fourth quarter there are still 300,000 tons of capacity to be released, and there will still be 680,000 tons of new capacity in the next two years. . The domestic butyl ester industry is also in the bottleneck of development, and the situation of oversupply has arrived.

Through the analysis of the current status of the raw material market of the adhesive tape, we have to accept the reality that both raw materials markets have entered the industry surplus period. However, compared with the tape mother roll market, this is undoubtedly not a good thing. The bargaining power of the coating plant on the raw material market is enhanced, the threat is weakened, and the industry has a good competitive advantage.

Although the domestic tape mother roll market is already in a period of oversupply, the industry's substitutes and sneak entrants are less threatening, and there is already a corresponding development advantage in this direction. In addition, the tape mother roll has a stronger bargaining power for its raw materials. Therefore, our attitude towards the development of the industry should not be pessimistic. And we always believe that there is only backward production capacity and no excess capacity! After a certain period of adjustment, the tape mother roll still has considerable development prospects.
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