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Tape according to the substrate divided into Bopp jumbo roll tape

Tape according to the substrate divided into Bopp jumbo roll tape.So what is a substrate? The substrate of the Bopp jumbo roll tape  not only acts as a fixed adhesive, but also helps with the functionality of the Bopp jumbo roll tape.

The perfect combination of adhesives and substrates (plus bottom coating and separation layer) determines whether the tape can achieve its objectives. The task of the substrate is first to fix the adhesive and the bottom coating agent. It is relatively thin, has excellent elasticity and is very smooth. As a result, it is suitable for almost all applications in all sites and designs.

The substrate itself can vary widely, and because of this, it can play an important role depending on where the tape is used, working hours, and specific uses. Today's substrates can withstand a certain amount of force, or they can be precisely separated under specific forces; they can be transparent or reflective; they can be very permeable or they can act as a barrier (such as moisture or oxygen); they can be thin (1.5 microns = 0.059 milliseconds), or they can be very thick (>3 mm or 118 milliseconds). Modern substrates can act as gap fillers or noise dampers; they can also allow the tape to be machined or die-cut. Due to the wide variety of substrates available, the characteristics and advantages of various substrates are well worth our study.

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