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What you should know about BOPP tape

What you should know about BOPP tape

Shipping tape is also called packaging tape and it is used to secure your packages for purposes of safe delivery. There is also storage tape which is used to secure packages that need to be stored for long periods. The difference here is the adhesive used. Shipping tape uses hot melt kind of adhesive which offers a holding power that is very strong. The tape comes in jumbo roll or with a dispenser. There are many types of tapes available and every type has got its own unique features.

Bopp packing tape

These are the most commonly used kinds of tapes today, especially in inventory and shipping management.  This is because they have a special molecular structure and they also have resin stabilization of polypropylene which offers excellent optical and mechanical properties that prove to be quite useful in different applications. One of the applications happens to be packaging.

The material

Bopp tape jumbo role is made from BOPP film; biaxial oriented polypropylene. Polypropylene is a polymer which is thermoplastic. This means that above a given temperature, it is pliable and then becomes solid after things get cooler. This BOPP is usually a PP film that is stretched well, according to the direction of the machine and also across the machine direction. It is this simple fact that increases its clarity and strength. The very structure also makes it easier to do the manual and the automated application.

Performance and features

BOPP adhesive tape jumbo roll comes with a tensile strength and rugged structure. This is what makes it so ideal for purposes of labeling and packaging. This tape is also abrasion, moisture, and chemical solvent resistant. It is really easy to coat it, print and even laminate. As such, coming up with a custom look is very easy.

It also has a minimum elongation length and it is actually resistant to burst. It is very easy to slit it too.

Jumbo roll BOPP tape has a material that is thermoplastic polymer meaning that it can work at low and high temperatures very well. It is important for parking tape to be in a position to bear great longitudinal pressure as well as weight.

Most of the BOPP films are actually non-toxic and this is what makes them very safe to use. Most of them meet environmental protection standards while there are yet others that are created using recycled materials.


Bopp jumbo roll tape come with different kinds of adhesives. The commonly used one is the hot melt synthetic rubber as well as acrylic. Hot melt adhesives are widely used due to the fact that they are consistent and are reliable. They also make quick seals. This is adhesive that bonds to the surface very quickly giving high tensile strength making it a great choice for purposes of shipment securing. This is something that can adhere very well to different surfaces including fiberboard and film.

Acrylic adhesives are also a good choice. Even though they don’t bond as quickly as the hot melt options, they do have a decent initial adhesion. They require some time to achieve maximum bond strength.

These are some of the things that you need to know before choosing BOPP adhesive tape.

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