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Self-adhesive tapes and the best packaging tape selection

Self-adhesive tapes and the best packaging tape selection

Self-adhesive tapes are high quality tapes that can be used for almost all applications. High quality tapes usually go together with applicators that have been well driven in practice. There are many types of tape available in the market today. Some are reinforced while others are not. You need to make a clear choice so as to have the best for the application that you want.

This kind of tape is usually created through a process called polymerization. This means that the tape is actually a polymer that is converted using an adhesive on a single side. This kind of tape can be used in so many kinds of applications. They can be used to offer protection to corrugated boards, metal sandwich panels, window profiles and other kinds of metal surfaces so as to prevent any kind of scratches.

The tape can also be used to protect your appliances at home against pollution, especially during transit, installation or even storage. The tape doesn’t leave any kind of trace once it is removed.


If you want to get more out of your tapes, then you need to customize them. This can be done by simply printing company logos on them. When you seal a package, it becomes easy to see where exactly it is coming from. You can also print texts or even warning symbols to advise people about how the package needs to be handled and if it is hazardous.

When you customize them, you have essentially used the packaging tapes as a means of advertising and this is an added benefit that is low cost and can be very effective in reaching your target audience.

Jumbo rolls

The tapes come in all sizes. Adhesive tape jumbo roll is one such size that you can select. This can serve many purposes and can be used in many different applications.

Packing tape is usually pressure sensitive kind of tape and can be used in a number of applications. It can be used to seal boxes and also packages that need to be shipped to different areas. There are some widths that are more common, but there are also the jumbo rolls that can handle bigger shipments when the need arises.

Packing tape jumbo roll can also be customized so as to serve the purpose outlined above. There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing a packaging tape. While some may think the choice is not important, it has a huge impact on the way the goods arrive after shipping or storage.

You need to consider the grade of the tape. There are so many grades in the market and each has varying film and adhesive levels. This will mean how well it will hold as well as the tensile power. Consider the area of application and choose appropriately.

The environment is also important. Some tapes work well in humid areas while others are perfect for areas with changing temperatures.

The substrate needs to be considered too. What are you sealing? There are different carton types that can be chosen and you should select the kind of tape that will work well with the material.

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