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The fourth batch of environmental protection inspections has begun.How the bopp tape jumbo roll survive?

The fourth batch of environmental protection inspections has begun. How the bopp tape jumbo roll survive?It has entered Shandong in July and entered Zhejiang in August. For the production of bopp tape jumbo roll Shandong Linyi and Zhejiang Ningbo are the distribution centers for large bopp tape jumbo roll, and the production of bopp tape jumbo roll. Although there is no major environmental protection problem in the process, the environmental protection investigation has a relatively high standard for exhaust and sewage discharge, and the production company has no choice but to stop working for inspection.

There are 5 bopp tape jumbo roll production enterprises in Linyi, Shandong. The production scale is near 10 lines, and the annual production capacity is about 4.5-5 million tons. There are 4 tape mother roll manufacturers in Ningbo, Zhejiang, including large and medium-sized production enterprises, large-scale. The company has more than 30 coating lines, and medium-sized enterprises have 6-10 coating lines with an annual production capacity of 3.0-15 million tons.

Although the above-mentioned enterprises have not all stopped work, 2/3 of them have been shut down one after another, and some enterprises have started to work in limited quantities. In addition, Shandong Linyi and Zhejiang Ningbo are the more important concentration areas of the bopp tape jumbo roll market, and the supply of shrinkage brings fear to the market. Can be imagined. Among them, there are many leading enterprises, and the sharp increase in prices has once again led to the upswing of production companies in other parts of the country. Moreover, not only the environmental protection in Shandong and Zhejiang, but also the environmental protection group involved in the news in some areas in the north, so the environmental protection wind helped to increase the price of small tapes, which is reasonable.

In addition, the bopp tape jumbo roll has been in a tepid state since the price increase in late July. At this time, raw materials or market clear information is needed, and raw materials BOPP and butyl acrylate are also in the ups and downs. In the short-term, there will be no big rise in the short-term. The environmental protection blade is unsheathed, adding a “price increase” flavoring agent to the tape mother roll market. The general feeling of “flying” that has risen by 1,000 yuan a week is also making the market unprepared.

Zhuo Chuang's point of view: unprepared rise, rational stocking mood

After the unremarkable rise in the fourth quarter of 2016, both buyers and sellers of the bopp tape jumbo roll are always worried about the sudden rise. In response to the skyrocketing situation caused by the environmental storm, the downstream users of the tape mother roll are sitting in a difficult position. At the same time, the manufacturer of the bopp tape jumbo roll is also “the second monk of the two masters”. For environmental supervision, it is a major issue for enterprises to actively take measures to meet the targets and when the equipment can resume production. This will also affect the duration and extent of the price increase. This is also a problem that downstream customers are very concerned about, but currently Look, this question can't give a clear answer for the time being.

Therefore, Zhuo Chuang believes that in the face of the sudden environmental turmoil, the price of the bopp tape jumbo roll producing enterprise is greatly increased, while the downstream customers should do it rationally. When reviewing the situation, avoid blind operation, and properly stock the tape mother roll for your own situation, beware of potential risks.
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