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All you need to know about packing tapes

All you need to know about packing tapes

Tapes are essential when it comes to shipping as well as inventory management in the present day. It is important for such a tape to be created in a way that it secures the items correctly. Such tapes should have molecular structure as well as resin stabilization so as to offer the best optical and mechanical properties.

The material

Most packaging tape is made from biaxial oriented polypropylene film. The presence of propylene tells you that it is thermoplastic. This means that it is quite pliable when it’s above some temperatures and then becomes solid when things get cooler. The other material is used so as to make the tapes strong and to give them the clarity that they need to have. The very structure of packaging tape makes it easy to use the packaging tape whether in manual or automated application.

Features of good tape

Good tape needs to have a high tensile strength as well as a rugged structure. This is what makes it an ideal fit for labeling and packaging. Such a material should also be abrasion and moisture resistant. It should also be resistant to different chemical solvents.

So as to perform to its fullest potential, it should be easy to coat the packaging tape, print over it and also laminate. This is the only way one can create a custom kind of tape for different needs.

The best material should be burst resistant and be able to offer minimum elongation. Despite the strength that packaging tape needs to have, it should still be quite easy to slit.

The best tape should also be able to work in higher and also at lower temperatures. You should note that not all manufacturers are able to come up with tensile strength materials.

Because of the wide range of use, it is important that the tape be non-toxic. This is the only way that you can guarantee that it is indeed safe to use. It is important for such a tape to be within the environment protection standard. There are some tapes that are actually created using recycled materials.


Different tapes have different adhesives. They include acrylic, synthetic rubber etc. The latter is the most widely used due to the fact that they are reliable, consistent and offer quick seals. This is a kind of adhesive that bonds to surfaces and then offers a strength that is high tensile. This is therefore a great choice of tape that can be used to secure different kinds of shipment. A great tape should adhere to different services including fiberboard and film.

When you get a tape that has acrylic adhesives, you are still in for a great treat. Even though they do not bond quickly like the melt option. However, the adhesion builds up in a day or so and then maximum bonding is achieved. This is an option that offers better UV, and heat resistance. It is the kind of tape that is perfect for the long term kind of packaging or where the packaging is heavy duty.

Other adhesive options include natural rubber. This has similar properties as the melt synthetic rubber, but gives a better hold. This can stick to heavy loads and can stand different temperatures. Silicone options are there too, and these don’t leave any residue when removed.

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