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Important Things You Should Know Before Visiting Finland

Planning to go on a vacation, but don’t know what country to go too? Well, try out coming to Finland, as it was nominated as one the best country to travel in 2019. So, what is there in Finland and what things you should know before visiting Finland? Most people only know Finland as a country that produces a Nokia or a racing car. However, Finland is more than that and it is full of exciting places that will surely give you a lifetime experience. 

There are some things you should know before visiting Finland so that your holiday goes right. From the language, the character of the people and most importantly the weather. This small information might be simple, but it will come dandy on your vacation. So, make sure to know these things before flying into Finland.

1. Language

There are three official languages that people mostly use in Finland, Finnish, Swedish and Sami. However, most people use Finnish as their first language. Try to learn basic words in Finnish, such as thank you, sorry or bye. By saying these words, the people in Finland will feel respected more. However, for those who are having a hard time pronouncing these words don’t need to worry. Because most of the people in Finland can understand and speak English well. 

 2. Money Currency

Finland uses euros as their official currency, therefore ensure to bring euro when coming here. Euro itself contains several bills from 500 Euros to 5 Euros. However, if you are not a money person then you can bring your credit card for the trip. Finland is a modern technology country, so it supports online transactions. 

 3. The character of the People

Finnish people are polite, but when you meet them the first time they might seem reserved. They are not the kind of people that would like to chit chat too much, or praise something. But if you need any help, they are more than welcome to help. However, you will need some time until they can show their friendly side. The younger generation of the Finnish people are more adaptable then old folks in the countryside. Therefore, when you meet a nanny or grandpa, make sure to be a bit patient with them.

 4. Weather in Finland

This may be the only problem people might face when coming to Finland. Therefore, this is sure one of the things you should know before visiting Finland. The weather in Finland is can’t be predicted, sometimes it can be hot in Summer. But in winter there can be horrible storms, making people not possible to come out from their homes. So, it is best to come to Finland from June to August when the sun shines all day long. 

 5. Expensive!

The bad news about Finland is that almost everything in Finland is expensive. From the foods, hotels and clothes are all expensive. Therefore, for those who are planning to come here must re-think how to survive here. 

So, these are some of the most important things you should know before visiting Finland. By knowing this important information, you can plan your activities on your holiday. One of the most important things to prepare is to ensure the weather there, because it can cancel all your schedules. So, prepare wisely and have fun going to Finland.

Here’s 5 Lists of What To Do In Denmark You Will Not Miss

Denmark has a clean environment with very beautiful architecture. Therefore, Denmark is one of the countries that you should visit if you are in Europe. However, you don’t need to be confused about what to do in Denmark. It is because you can do many interesting activities here.

When you are in Denmark, you should try to get around Denmark while riding a bicycle. This is because Denmark has a culture of cycling safely and comfortably. Besides biking, here is a list of what to do in Denmark:

1.     Visiting Tivoli Garden

Located right in the center of Copenhagen, Tivoli Park is the second oldest active amusement park in the world. The Tivoli Park is open on August 17, 1843, so at this time 176 years old. This is the 4th most visited amusement park in Europe. Every year around 4 million visitors visit this park.

One of the most famous attractions is Rutschebanen. It was a wooden roller coaster that was built in 1914 which requires operators to put the brakes on when they are down. However, you can also enjoy many interesting attractions with the feel of an old park.

2.     Trying Danish Cuisine

The second activity you can do here tastes Danish cuisine. Of course, Danish cuisine has another distinctive taste compared to other European countries. Denmark priorities culinary focus on local ingredients. Therefore, you have to try it when you are here.

If you are keen to taste the Danish cuisine, you can visit the Aarhus region. You can taste Danish specialties, from traditional to modern styles. There are three Michelin starred restaurants that you can also visit here.

3.     Enjoy Exciting Rides at Lego House

Lego, one of the best Danish export products, was created here. The first Legoland was also established here. Billund is about 260 kilometers from Copenhagen. Going to this place is fun, whether you have children or not.

In an area of 140,000 square meters, this place presents a variety of interesting attractions. For example, you can try a roller coaster, watch a circus, and see a field filled with miniature various world landmarks.

4.     Shopping The Latest Fashion Models

If you are looking for some class A fashion and design products, Denmark is a place you must visit. You can visit Stroget, which is the longest shopping street in Denmark. You can see many famous brands such as Prada, Max Mara, Mulberry, Chanel, and others here.

However, you can still shop even if your budget is so tight. You can simply visit ethnic shops at the end of this road. Another place worth adding to your list is Norrebro. Well, here you can get designer boutiques to the second-hand market.

5.    Enjoy the Beauty of the Baltic Sea

You can enjoy the beauty of the Baltic Sea here. Furthermore, you can visit the northernmost city in Denmark, Skagen. Skagen is right on the edge of the Skagerrak Strait, which connects the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The city has a very beautiful skylight.

You can also visit Bornholm Island, which is a small island in the Baltic Sea. This island is very unique with many beautiful beaches. You can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, as well as visiting various galleries by local artists.

Those are the lists of what to do in Denmark you will not miss. Those activities are very interesting for you to do in Denmark. Thus, if you do these activities, you will get experiences that you will never forget.

Things About Festival Little Italy NYC You Should Know

There are many Italian neighborhoods in New York City, but the most special place might be Little Italy. The reason is none other than the annual Festival Little Italy NYC, which also known as Feast of San Gennaro. Each year, people come to the Big Apple just to witness the once a year celebration by the Italian origins. Here is what you need to know about this festival:

1. Took Place in Manhattan

The Festival Little Italy NYC took place in the Little Italy neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. Just as we know, New York became the dreamland for many people through hundreds of years. Since it located in the city, you can easily find it. Also, it close to SoHo, Chinatown, Lower East Side, and many more.

2. Mark Your Calendar in September

You knew the place, then you should know when it’s going to be held. The festival takes time every September, from 10th to 20th. Thus, the festival is running for 11 days straight. If you’re going to wish to visit this fest, then make sure to book the close by hotel way before the date. Because usually many Italian-Americans who moved out feel the urge for a homecoming.

3. The Origin

Just as it named, Festival Little Italy, this festival held for celebrating an Italian tradition. The people who moved out of Italy into the neighborhood brought still the tradition from their homeland. This tradition is to celebrate the Patron Saint of Naples, Saint Januarius (San Gerrano). Also, since it held for the first time in 1926, the festival became an annual event until now.

4. Live Entertainment Performance

For the whole 11 days, you can stay tune in Little Italy for a live performance. Every day – for the entire time the festival held, there’s a live performance at 7.30 PM. If you interest in what kind of performance they offer, then just turn to the corner of Grand and Motts Sts.

5. Fill Up Your Gut

Coming to an Italian festival means you should prepare your gut in its empty condition. Thus, you can fill up with delicious Italian cuisines at the festival. Many food stalls at the festival turned famous and became the main reason why people show up. Also, you will have plenty of choices since there’s no limit when it comes to Italian and their food. So, make sure to come early and try all the food there.

6. Don’t Miss the Parade

In every culture, a festival would not complete without a parade. For that reason, you shouldn’t miss the parade in this Little Italy’s festival. The parade called Grand Possession. It consists of the parade of Grand Marshal Steve Schirripa as the lead, then followed by marching bands, reveals, and floats. Also, don’t forget the most important thing in this parade – the statue of San Gerrano.

Aside from the Festival Little Italy NYC, people also come to this neighborhood for many other reasons. One of them is because it houses many authentic Italian restaurant cuisines. Thus, if you miss the time of the festival, just hit Mulberry Street for a meal. Surely, the ambiance would bring you to feel like across the ocean away.