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What Is Service Fee in Restaurant

Every time we eat in a restaurant, people will have to pay more than the price of the food. Usually, people will have to pay around 10-15% more from the original price. This is usually service fees in a restaurant or in public services. What is service fee in restaurant and what are they really for? Well, a service fee is collected from customers to pay primary service, administrative or even the processing costs.

The service fee is different from tips in a restaurant. Tips are given to the employee, whereas the service fee is for the company. All products and services usually have service fee after the purchase, however, every service fee is different. However, people must know that the service fee in a restaurant is not an obligation from the government. To know more about what is service fee in restaurant and the rules, read more.

1. Purpose of Service Fee

All restaurants have a service fee in their restaurants, it depends on the needs of each place. The main purpose of the service fee is to use the payments from the customers to pay for the supports in the restaurant. For example, the people behind the service or other ways to increase the service level of the restaurant. However, some restaurants already put those components of cost in the price of the food. Therefore, they don’t add an additional charge to the total price.

2. Provisions of Service Fee

The government has no obligation about service in restaurants, therefore they have no rights either to forbid it. There is no standard either in how much is the service fee, so it all depends on the restaurant. However, most restaurants charge 5-10% of the total cost of the purchase. Sometimes the more luxurious the place, the higher the service fee is. The reason for this is to give the best service to their customers.

 3. Difference with Tips

People must know that tips and service fee is completely different. When you come to a restaurant and you are pleased with the service, you will give tips. Know that the tips are given to the employee directly, without cutting it from the company. As for service fees, it is an additional income for the company to pay for facilities, employees and even electricity.

 4. Provision for Customers

For customers of the restaurant, they must follow the rules including paying a service fee. However, if in the middle of the process you experience a disappointing service, customers have the right to complain. Customers pay quite an amount to get the best service, so if this doesn’t happen you have to speak up. The restaurant can erase the service fee as an apology.

 5. Is it Necessary?

Well, it all depends on the restaurant and how they give the service. If the service gives great service and food, then it is alright to charge this. However, if it is possible, rather than adding additional cost, it is better for the restaurant to include in the price of the food automatically. Therefore, people don’t keep asking what is service fee in restaurant.

So, that is all about what is service fee in restaurant and the purpose they have. It is quite expensive, however, if they can give the best service it is worth the price. The government does need to review this charge because some restaurants just charge too much.

Things You Should Buy in Bulk to Save Your Monthly Household Expenses

Managing household finance is sometimes challenging. You need to make all of the necessities are fulfilled without any waste of money. It has to be as efficient as possible. And to save your expenses, you have to know things you should buy in bulk.

1. Rice

As a staple food, you will need rice every day. Buying it bit by bit will costs you more price and make you bother to buy it again and again.  So it is better to buy rice in bulk. Not only because of the easiness but also it usually gets a rebate.

Store the rice in a dry and clean container. Make sure that the container is waterproof and can be closed tightly. Don’t let your effort to save cost be useless because of wrong storing.

2. Instant Noodle

This food can be an alternative at the end of the month when the finance is running low. You can buy it for monthly shopping.

Just buy the instant noodle one box at once. Make sure that the expired date is still long to end. If you consume it infrequently, the stock will last to two to three months.

3. Salt and Others Powdered Seasoning

Powdered seasoning, so is salt, usually more lasting than the fresh one. So there is no harm to buy them in bulk and it in a long time. But of course, you have to notice the expired date.

One tip more, buy only seasoning you need. If you love to cook various cuisine, you may buy unusual seasonings like saffron. But if you only cook for daily, it is better to buy the main seasonings only like pepper and broth powder.

4. Detergent and Dishwashing Soap

You must have dirty clothes and dirty dishes every day. Washing is also a must, then you will need detergent and dishwashing soap stock. Those things take a long time to be expired. So, no loss to buy detergent and dishwashing soap in bulk.

There are some kinds of size of the pack. The big size wrapped one is a good choice. But if you worry not overconsumed you can choose the small bunched package.  It is usually packaged in a big bag.

5. Sanitary Napkins

This thing is really important for women. Never skip it on your monthly shopping list. It is recommended to buy it in bulk because it is hard to be stale. Besides, sanitary napkins are always needed every month.

6. Gift-Wrapping Paper and Stuffs

For you in the mid-20s, stocking these kinds of stuff can be a way to save money. You will get many wedding invitations in this age. Of course, you always want to give a special gift for your friends on their wedding day, right?

You can buy a gift in a store and ask the worker to wrap it for you. But it will cost some prices and can be latent expenses.

So, it is better to wrap your gift by yourself. And don’t forget to buy the paper in the package, because it will be cheaper than buying it sheet by sheet.

That’s it! Now you can save your monthly household expenses by knowing things you should buy in bulk. Be careful about shopping, be fine on saving.

Top 5 Best Shopping Websites in 2019

Best Shopping Websites in 2019

Talking about the best shopping websites, several names have been very popular for years. Since online shopping grows bigger and bigger, many online stores and online marketplaces open. However, we do not know if each market place is good and safe enough or not.

In this article, we will show you the 5 best shopping websites in 2019. Many people stop by and shop in these online stores. Besides, they offer interesting discounts and various items at one place in a bunch.

#1 was established in 1996 and has become the most popular site for anything you need. You can find anything in this store and thousands of retailers and brands open their shop in this marketplace.

If you sign up for its Prime membership, you will get a free two-day shipping cost on almost all purchases. This online store has developed its store so the users can stream movies, music, and so on along with some other perks.


The next name on the list is This one is an e-commerce marketplace where anyone can sell anything both new and used ones. The company also guarantees that users would get the best price in this place. Even though it is not as widely available as, always provides the best experience for its users.

#3 was released in 1996 and has been touted as a newspaper classified killer ever since. You will see listings according to the region and community as well, just like a newspaper classified. More than anything, those are free.

On the other hand, provides a platform that allows everyone to buy and sell items locally. So, you may find both new and used items from this online shop.


Walmart store was one of the oldest online stores since it was established in 1962. This marketplace offers lower prices with better services. It started to open the online store in 2000 and still one of the biggest online stores until today.


If you need anything artsy then you should head to It was made for artists, makers, and craftspeople to have a platform to sell their arts easily. Today, you may also find some vintage knick-knacks and other accessories that you may never find outside Etsy. So, this is anything you need to know about the 5 best shopping websites in 2019.

All Online Shopping for Cheap Clothes

All Online Shopping for Cheap Clothes

All online shopping is supposed to provide anything you need. You can find dog food, stools, and even tampons in this online shop. However, if your main intention is to find cheap clothes online then we have the list.

In this article, we will show you a few of all online shopping websites that provide cheap clothes. Feel free to take a look at each one.

#1 Old Navy

Old Navy keeps up with today’s trend. You will never go out of style while the price is pretty cheap compared to other offline outlets. Most of the time, the site offers steady sales so you will find anything you like at discounted prices.

It provides various types of clothes in various sizes. You are eligible for free shipping for at least USD 50 of the transaction. You can also exchange or refund it later.

However, shipping is inefficient compared to other online stores. The clothing size is bigger than the normal size.

#2 Amazon

Amazon seems to be the best in almost every category when it comes to online shops. If you are part of Amazon Prime then you are eligible for two-day shipping. The clothing options are affordable while there is a free returns policy.

However, the clothing size may vary considering the brands sold are varied as well. Amazon has reviews on each product but not all reviews are genuine ones.

#3 ThredUp

Are you thrilled for a second-hand item shopping? If you are then ThredUp would be the best place for you. This platform offers cheaper prices compared to other second-hand stores while you will find branded items as well. You can get free shipping if you purchase at least USD 79. At some point, you will also get consignment credit.

However, this online store does not provide a refund but your money will be gathered in its store credit. The clothes are also unwashed so you should know what to expect.

#4 Target

This place might be the best place to get stylish cloth for an affordable price. It offers free shipping with a low threshold while you can use the store card to get some extra perks. The goods can be exchanged or refunded as well. However, you need to have a store card to get some interesting perks. If not, you seem more likely to get a regular price. And this is the end section of all online shopping for clothes.