From many technology news sites on the internet, there are only a few that are best online news sites. Technology is a field that rapidly developing. The dynamic change of the research and development in technology is surprisingly fast. Reading and knowing the momentum of technology helps to follow the trends ahead.

These sites are also very useful to read before buying a phone, laptop, or other gadgets. Information like the pros and cons of a product is available. Often times, people are confused between gadget choices. Especially nowadays there are hundreds of models and brands that flooded the market. These sites also compare two products that could clarify which one is really better.

1. Tech Crunch

The obsessive solid review of new gadgets is the standing point of this news site. The soon as the product hits the shelf, this site might already have one sample to review. The review is also very detailed and unbiased. It also has its base called crunch base that has a massive database of tech starts up. The user interface is clean and straightforward. Even this site has audio news category for audiophiles.

2. The Verge

Founded as a partnership with Vox media since 2011, it’s getting popular among the tech geek. It covers various topics on technology like gadgets and applications. They are known for interesting topics and pleasant writing style. The product receives a verge score that eases the reader to compare products. Moreover, reader could also submit their review. So, the buyer could connect to the user of the gadget to know more about the product. It really made this site to be the best online news sites.

3. Mashable

This is one of the sites with a light article that you can enjoy. It reviews the development of social media, applications, and other trends in technology. The topics are broad and light. Sometimes it also covers figures that not directly related to technology.

4. Tech radar

Tech radar is also a news site that provides easy to understand articles. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to really get the news. These sites also digging deep down into topics like hardware. Moreover, photography is also displayed as featured topic. 

5. Toms hardware

This site has helped people since 1996. This site not only covers the gadget but also how to troubleshoot them. The articles are also uncovered specific details of hardware, especially when reviewing new processor or Graphics processing unit.So, those are sites to check before you buy a new laptop, phone, or other gadgets. Top five for best online news sites technology journalism covers the trend of technology.